No replacement

This morning I had to go to a new Dr. Because this was my first time they went through family history…that was fun. The weird question was whether I live alone and then the Dr asked if I had any family. It will be 2 years since Mom went into the hospital tomorrow. It’s not like I knew but my body knew. It hurts to have to say it out loud that I don’t have a family. Because as much as I have wonderful friends the Drs aren’t asking that.

I miss going for walks with Janet. Helping Mom do the crossword in the newspaper. Watching our favourite tv shows together. The other day I thought of something and how Mom would have told me “now, now don’t be catty” but sometimes she would do it too and then we would laugh so hard. She wasn’t just my Mom she was my friend.
My Dad was the person who taught me about money. He taught me about family loyalty and I definitely get my organizational skills from him. He was type A personality.


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