Must resist pressing the button

Going shopping with our Mom sometimes Janet and I would come across a singing bear, dog etc. Of course we had to press the button to see what it did. The embarrassing part for Mom was we weren’t children we were in our twenties. She would walk away and say I don’t know you. In the grocery store that we frequented they had a pirate with a parrot on its shoulder. It was so cool. But Mom was so embarrassed…it was LOUD.
I bought Janet a singing mouse in a tux that sings “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. After she died I couldn’t play it though.

The year after Janet died i received a package in the mail. It was the most beautiful white teddy bear with angel wings. My Dad thought I was too old for teddy bears and would be shocked that I now have a shelf full of them. Who can resist a soft teddy bear.

When I went to the Dr on Monday because it was my first time they asked if I’m a smoker. So I told the guy my only vice was I used to buy a lot of magazines. I can’t resist an Oprah magazine at Christmas, a pumpkin muffin in October, bootie slippers, the smell of coffee in the morning.


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