How interesting that my photo is similar to the one for the example to this prompt. It’s what I call my reflective picture even though it’s just a picture of me testing to see how cold the water is. My friend and I walked and walked along Stanley Park so my feet were very thankful for a little dip.

SOLITUDE means the act of being alone but it takes on different meanings depending on the situation. I can remember when my cousin was little he was a bundle of energy so my grandparents would tell him they wanted some piece and quiet. Growing up I was never completely alone but there were a couple of times my parents went out for dinner with Dads siblings and it was nice. That’s why when my Mom went into the hospital the first time it was so quiet. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Eventually I told myself that I had to get used to it because my Mom wasn’t getting better.

When I went to the Twinless Twins conference last year it was quite “overwhelming” because I hadn’t been out very much in 2 years and certainly not to socialize. It was mentally and physically exhausting so one night I chose to eat in my room. I have learned in the grieving process that I have to do what is right for me.

I’m looking forward to spring when I will have a chance to buy patio furniture. I loved sitting out on the deck with Janet or sitting beside my Dad under the tree. But after he died it was different. Plus when I sat out there all I could see were weeds. It wasn’t relaxing. Now there aren’t the memories associated with that spot. A chair and a table for my journal and a cup of coffee. Ahh bliss.


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