Technology is great…except when it isn’t

Last night I made myself some popcorn and was melting some margarine in the microwave. All of a sudden I could smell an order that smelled like burnt rubber. I opened the dishwasher afraid something had fallen…nope. Opened microwave and I could see a slight burnt spot beside the light. Oh geez it’s toast. This is where the title comes in because it’s only a little over a year old. But I “recognize” that you get what you pay for. Mom always told me that. I have also found that going shopping with someone else they will try to talk you out of buying the more expensive item.

I miss my front load washer. When our washer no longer worked I went with Mom to pick out a new one. This was after Dad died so it was the first time she was doing it on her own. We ended up with washer and dryer because they were both the same age. The dryer had a steam setting. I loved it because I put shirts or dresses in that I had only worn once and it refreshes them. Now I have stackables. Took me a few loads before I realized that the dryer could only do medium loads. And it doesn’t beep when it’s done, I miss that too.

I watch movies on Rogers On Demand. I have a smart phone that is smarter than me. I had to use the alarm setting and I had to look online to figure out where it was. And then I had to play around until I found one that was loud enough. I love my digital camera because it came with a rechargeable battery.

Last week my grocery guy didn’t have a debit machine so I had to use a cheque. I rarely ever use them. Technology means I can have my bills come out automatically. I can monitor my expenses online.

Must not forget a really great piece of technology…my Keurig


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