Lovingly remembered

Last night I emailed a friend of mine that works in an office in Cherryhill Mall to find out what time it opened. In the course of conversation I mentioned that I was going to Carlton cards to find a birthday card. He said he only buys his at the dollar store. It reminded me of how Mom would complain about the price of cards “I’m not paying 4 bucks for a card!” I used to have to take a marker and cross out the price because it’s the first thing she did even before reading it was turn it over to see the price. One year I didn’t have time to go to the dollar store so I bought one in the grocery store. I think it was a Mothers Day card. You didn’t pay this did you? It’s ok, I think you’re worth it. There’s no come back for that one.

We usually got wedding cards at the dollar store because we could always find good ones. Mom always had a few sympathy ones on hand. When you attend a church with people that averaged 10 or 20 years older than you you are probably going to need one.

I kept our last Fathers Day card for Dad. I found a birthday card that Janet gave me. This morning I was trying to find a friend birthday card. I went to the section that said HER. Tons for sister, Mom, Aunt. All I could think was I hope I find one soon because I’m about to cry. Thankfully I found two perfect ones.

A friend once told us that we had the knack for finding the perfect gift. If it was a bridal shower we would think what would the person use? I don’t like gift registries because it’s impersonal. My Dad didn’t like them either. He was old fashioned but it was one thing we agreed on.

As I write this I am smiling at all the little things that will always stay with me.

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