Church gossip

I don’t know why this is the first thing that this word made me think of.
We sat in front of a woman that was known as the person who knew everything that was going on in the church. We were private people so we were careful what we said. When I was a teenager I knew that if something was told to one person by the end of the day the whole church would know. A friend of mine was talked about. Her Mom was thankful that we still supported her. We all make mistakes in life but it’s how we deal with them. Church should be the place to support the hurting not judge them.

This blog came about because of the fact that I didn’t want Janet to just be about how she died. A friend of mine said that true friends would know that isn’t true. But I carry it with me. It was church people who introduced us that way…oh not always to our face which made it worse. I guess they thought since it was in the newspaper it made it ok. I walked into coffee hour after my Ministers Mom died and I could hear a couple of people talking about it. All I could think was how would you feel if that was your Mom? Your sister, your daughter? Plus you never know who is going to overhear you.

I have wonderful friends who truly hear me.

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