Being aware of what I eat

I was watching a segment on a morning talk show where they were introducing the people that were participating in the weight loss challenge. They have a Facebook group which I joined thinking I could get some new recipes. I tried spaghetti squash but didn’t like it, cauliflower doesn’t agree with me. The first time I tried zucchini I didn’t like it but thought ok I’ll try the spiralizer what have I got to lose. I realized that I over cooked it the first time. I’m growing to like whole grain bread…oh I’ll never love it but I’ll eat it.

I’m also “aware” that I can do this now because I have the time to experiment. I have the time to prep meals. I once said that I wasn’t that adventurous when it came to cooking. Now I am. Plus cooking for one means nobody is going to say “what is that?” My Mom liked tried and true stuff. She would never have soup and salad for lunch.

It is now Roll up the Rim time. I don’t go to Tim Hortons too often. It was something that we did with Mom after grocery shopping as our treat. Mom was a slowe eater so we would wait until she was finished and we would all roll up at the same time. That was the rule. Janet was the lucky one. I rarely ever won. But the funny thing is it always starts during Lent. If you give up coffee you’re screwed. It’s such a social thing though how does one give it up for over a month?

I can still tell you all our favourite donuts. My brother’s was honey dip or crueller if they didn’t have that one. Janet liked walnut crunch. Dad was chocolate dip or maple. Mom had to have sour cream glazed. Mine was apple fritter or a blueberry fritter. Crushed when they got rid of them. Making my own muffins now.

Speaking of coffee think I’m going to go have another one.


One thought on “Being aware of what I eat

  1. Change is so hard and losing weight is even harder. My secret is water, water, water. You should be drinking half of your body weight in water (so if you are 300lbs you should drink 150oz a day). That may sound like a lot but once you get into a routine it becomes easier. I use to be 436lbs but now I am 300lbs. I still have 50 more to go but I still have to switch it up. You can eat whatever you want, don’t sacrifice your happiness you just have to eat in moderation. No more whole pizzas, try 2 slices. No more coffee with extra sugar and regular milk. Try a coffee with stevia or equal and skim milk. You just need to keep an open mind. I look forward to watching your progress. You can do this! -Bruce

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