Am I speaking another language

Dealing with grief I have learned to read people. The people that are uncomfortable, the well meaning people who think they are helping and the people who sit and hear what I don’t say.
That’s the great thing about talking to twinless twins we speak the same language. Everyone’s circumstances are different but we lost our best friend. We all say that it’s a group we wish we didn’t belong to. I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a relationship with a sibling. It’s because our place changed. Our family sees us as the person we were before and that person don’t exist. A friend of mine said that she feels Janet really near when she reads this blog. She was the person who would tell it like it is.

When someone dies people say if you need anything let them know. I have found that you have to spell it out to people. Don’t just think people will know. At the same time it’s kind of a dance. There were times when I would think there is no sense banging my head against the wall to try to be heard. No matter how hard I yelled they wouldn’t hear.

I am sitting in my local coffee shop drinking coffee. That in itself is a big deal somedays because it’s not easy eating alone. But if I sit with my IPad I look like everyone else. This is Family weekend. What Mom and I called a made up holiday. As I wrote yesterday it’s going to get into double digits which means wonderful weather to go for a walk in the neighbourhood. So much has changed in a year.


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