My home

Growing up in a household with four other people the only place that was private was my bedroom. Janet and I would often sleepover at my grandparents on the weekend. A much needed break and they enjoyed entertaining us.

When we were in our twenties Dad redid the basement but that was his hideout. We used it a few times with friends. Dad rarely sat on the deck he preferred to sit under the tree so that was our spot. It’s interesting how I never really thought about how we really didn’t have a “hideout”. After I had internet installed after my Dad died the computer room was my hideout. I would spend hours up there chatting with friends. I couldn’t call an office because it literally just had a computer desk and chair. The printer didn’t even have a stand.

Call display means that I can hideout from people I don’t want to talk to. I had a nosey neighbour so after Mom died if I took the bus home I made sure I walked to the bus stop on the corner and not beside her house.

Now that I live alone my whole place is my hideout. I have already had an overnight guest. I have had my friend for coffee a couple of times and my friend came to see it at Christmas. I do want to get patio furniture soon and some art for my bedroom. It’s still a little sparse. I was telling a friend about how I can’t leave the building without my supers noticing but it’s nice that I have someone looking out for me.


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