This post makes me think of the first time I saw my parents dance. It was at my cousin’s wedding in 1985. I knew they met at a dance but at that point it was just a story because I had never seen them dance. I remember doing the chicken dance with my cousin at another cousins wedding the year before.

My Dad’s youngest brother and his wife went dancing a lot. I watched them at my brother’s wedding and they were really good. She did say that nowadays there are less places to go to dance.

My Mom could play the piano but she had no rhythm when it came to clapping along to music. The church I grew up in is very conservative so we don’t clap to the music but the odd time someone starts it it’s the most pitiful thing you have ever heard. My uncle thought it was wrong to have drums in church. But people of my generation aren’t really into organ music. I fall somewhere in between. I think some churches are geared more to the entertainment than the message.

My Mom was not one to listen to music in the car. I often have music on at home. I dance along in my chair or while I’m doing chores.
This video is so much fun.

One thought on “Dancing

  1. Hi love,,,,,,that must have been Martha’s wedding in 1985.?? I can even remember what I was wearing!!!!strange how smallest of things stay in your mind,,,,

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