Perfect match

A Good Match
For me mashed potatoes go with beef. This meal was so good because it was LOBSTER mashed potatoes. It is very rare that I finish my entire meal but I did. I laugh that there is one piece of bread left because my friend and I were like “you go ahead, no you”. Neither one of us wanted to be the person who ate the last piece. Oh my gosh their bread is so good. They bring out really good olive oil and pour balsamic over it and you dunk the bread in. I’m like my Dad I love “crusty bread”.

When I go out for dinner I take a picture of the meal because it’s so beautiful. As I was looking through my photos I also had dessert. Coffee and dessert is a perfect pairing too. But I was also thinking about this prompt based on my friends. I was supposed to go for coffee with a friend today and she is sick. She and I went for a manicure for my 40th birthday and we have the goofiest pictures. I tease another friend because she really likes her emojis and then I start doing it too.

Sunshine, good friends and good food. A good match

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