A good day

We have had a very mild winter and yesterday it felt like spring. I didn’t want to spend the afternoon at Dr office but I had to go. For the first time ever I had normal BP at a Dr office. It usually goes up when I go. I’m going in the right direction and don’t have to go until July…woo hoo a break from bloodwork.

Since I was finished around 3 I decided to go and get an iced coffee and sit in the park. Many others had the same idea. I passed a guy playing with his dog, a woman taking photos of her friend (professional not selfies) and lots of people just wandering through the Park. It’s February! You could definitely feel spring in the air people were friendlier. As I was walking back to my apartment I thought “I love this neighbourhood)”

Yesterday in my Facebook memories I had written about wallpapering with my Dad. Oh my goodness never wallpaper with family! I am not handy at all so this was not fun! But I love him for the reason that he did it. He knew he had cancer so he wanted to make sure that some things were done if something happened to him. A boy that grew up on a farm and was a letter carrier gave his family a good life. We all went to college and university with no debt. I went on a cruise with Mom. I am so thankful.


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