Pancake Day

When Janet was 19 she volunteered at the Kidney Foundation. On Shrove Tuesday one of the women was wondering where to go for pancake supper that would be close to the office. So Janet said her church had one. Do you have sausage or ham. Ham but if you prefer sausage you can go to this church. The guy that worked there teased her that she was sending customers away. Of course Janet being Janet it didn’t bother her any.

We helped for many years when we were in the youth group. We usually did the dishes. When we were in our twenties we helped the youth leader. He was flipping the pancakes and joked I think my arm hair is burning off so Janet told him just take some off the top. He had long hair at the time. He had these cow tights/leggings and when he left to go home Janet told him “guess you’ve got to be moo-ving along”.

Sunday was pancake day in our household. Dad would ask “are we having pancakes?” It’s amazing how many memories I have associated with pancakes. My siblings put peanut butter on it which I thought was gross but they loved it. It’s not something you can make for one person unless you are making it from a mix and that is sacrilegious.

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