A friend posted a link to an article on The Agenda on TVO about how we aren’t born to know how to budget, meal plan why isn’t it taught? We took home economics in public school and everyone had to. We took one in high school but only girls took it.
Growing up we went shopping with my Mom. When we were older and still living at home we helped quite a bit and helped with the cooking. We always looked through the flyers to see what was on sale. Mom would buy her turkey at the one that had it on for 99 cents a pound. But she also shopped at the same store, she wouldn’t drive around the city looking for a bargain.

I grew up with cousins that didn’t know how to cook. One could barely boil water. For me it was inconceivable because our grandmother taught us how to cook. Opening up a jar or a can is not cooking. Even my brother when he was young could make pancakes and scrambled eggs. I remember the first time he cooked a turkey for his friends in his new home he phoned Mom a few times.

Because I have groceries delivered I don’t necessarily plan my meals according to what is on sale. The first time I paid for my groceries on my own I thought it would be less but it’s not much. I was talking to a friend yesterday about different items that Mom and I liked. I like triscuits Mom didn’t so would have 2 different kinds in the cupboard. Which made me think of how we had different kinds of cereal too. Mom ate Rice Krispies, then she switched to harvest crunch. But for variety she would also have instant oatmeal sometimes too. Mom told me a couple of times how she was given cash for groceries when they were first married and how she had to make it stretch. Mom and Dad still had that mentality although I know that they appreciated the fact that they could easily afford to buy whatever they wanted years later.
When I was looking after Dad there were times when my Mom would tell me that I have life skills. My parents weren’t the type to tell me they were proud but I know they both knew I could take care of myself.


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