This is actually the photo challenge for this week but I have no idea how to represent my wish in a photo.
My wish would be for more time. I haven’t seen my coffee buddy since just after Christmas because I was too busy in January and she got sick. I saw my friend from out of town but it was rushed because she had an appointment. I wish we had a chance for some girl time but we will make do with dinner out.
My friend that was here at Christmas said she wished she had more time. We had a wonderful evening catching up but it’s no where near enough time to talk about everything.
And then there are the friends I saw in September. We keep in touch on Facebook but it’s not the same. I am glad that I see my friends at holidays. It’s too bad that we have to almost schedule in time with friends. Maybe that is what makes the time more precious.
Today is international women’s day. My wish would be that all my women friends would know how beautiful they are. How valued you are and how strong all of you are.

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