On Wednesday I went with a friend for our monthly coffee get together. We went to Tim Hortons because I got some coupons in the mail. It’s Roll up the Rim time…my first one this year. Neither of us won. When I went with Mom and Janet my sister almost always won.

My grocery guy recently had a draw for a twenty dollar gift certificate on Facebook live. My name was put in but I didn’t check back because I didn’t think I would win. That night I got an email saying I won. I use the service so I don’t have to lug groceries into my building.

Those sorts of things are luck. In life I like to think I’m blessed. I was blessed to have the parents I did. Being a twin is a blessing. I never imagined I would be living in such a nice place and I never want to take that for granted.
There is a little bit of luck with friends though. Connecting with one person as opposed to another. My friend that I go for coffee with I’ve been friends with for over 20 years. It’s not always easy to find time to get together but we make it work. I’m “lucky” to be seeing my college friend often this year because she has to come to the city for appointments. We are lucky to be able to use Facebook and texting to talk everyday. I’m blessed that she is in my life and she feels the same. She helped me at a time when I felt very much alone. She celebrated with me when I moved.

The day I got approved for my apartment was my Moms birthday. I know that I see signs from my loved ones because my heart is open to them.


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