On the right

Last night I was looking online for patio furniture. I’ve been “unofficially looking” for a week. I found one but there is assembly required so that’s out. I found another one and it might be a possibility I just have to measure. Since I will be getting 2 I suddenly realized that I would be sitting on the side that Janet always sat on. Sitting on the right would mean I would be sitting beside the a/c.
When we were babies I was usually on the right in pictures. When we asked Mom which was which that was how she told us. Janet was with Dad and I was with Mom. It was the same with pictures of us and our grandparents Janet was with grandpa and I was with grandma. In my favourite picture of the 2 of us I am on the right in the picture (although it’s her left) and I’m leaning in.
I always walked on the right side when we went for walks in the neighbourhood. I still did it after she died it was instinctual. The day I realized I was still doing it I realized it was because she was walking with me.
A twin friend of mine seemed to favour the right side too. It made me smile last night when I thought of it. How I have that link with Janet.


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