I’ve been thinking about this word recently because when I went for coffee with my friend all I had were 20s. I haven’t been into a bank since January…I think. My bills are paid automatically and my banking is done online. I even pay my groceries by debit. But it means that banks don’t have to pay for tellers. Most branches don’t even put many on until after 10am.
My Aunt asked if I had been to White Oaks mall recently so I said I tend to order stuff online. I’m closer to the mall at the north end but all the stores I go to are across the road. Even the last time I went to Reitmans their selection was limited because they sell most of it online. If I’m going to buy pants I would like to try them on in the store. There is even a plus size clothing store that was downtown that closed and is doing it entirely online. The don’t have to pay for a storefront.
Last night I was watching a movie On Demand. I didn’t get to watch the whole thing because all of a sudden it stopped and wouldn’t load. I do know that how to reboot tv. I don’t know whether it saved it at the point it stopped or not but I found a synopsis on YouTube so I watched that.
Even the last time I took the train I purchased my ticket online. I always went to the station because I liked the personal service. But nobody does it anymore. You hold up your electronic device and they scan the code. The station doesn’t have to pay for an attendant.
Mom went to the same grocery store every week. They knew us. It’s why I enjoy grocery delivery it’s the same thing, a friendly smile, someone asking how your day was.
We need more of that!

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