Growing up we were known as the Rudd girls or J and J. My Mom used to say I gave you names in other words people should use them. Our first “labels” said RuddA and RuddB…I’m B.

When Mom was asked whether she was Ms or Mrs she would tell them “Mrs. I earned that title”. I remember the first time I went to a bank with Mom and we were standing in line and the teller (a guy) called out “I can help you here Ma’am”. I leaned over to Mom loud enough for him to hear “I think he’s talking to you”. I think I was maybe 30? The guy laughed but I do know it’s more respectful to use Ma’am then miss.

In life we use labels. For income tax we write down our title. Are you single? When my Mom died for probate I was listed as caregiver because that’s what I was. It’s just not recognized by most people as a job. Especially not by people who earn a six figure salary. But I also realized the other day that I am the only person in my Dads family that cared for her parents.

My Aunt told my Mom that we were courageous. My friend tells me I’m strong. There are some labels I’m not sure of. As I have written before I don’t feel like I’m an inspiration. I know I’m helping people by this blog or when I went to conference. Someone who has a recent loss can see ok there is life after this.

I will always be a daughter, twin and friend. Those are special labels.


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