First day of Spring

Today is my Mom’s birthday. Last year I was going to go out for dinner but I was so busy preparing to move that it didn’t happen. This year I really didn’t know what to do to honour her so I bought a cupcake at the grocery store.
This morning I got my haircut and somehow I was telling the story of when I was six and we went to a family picnic where Dads family grew up. I was in a mood and I wasn’t in any of the pictures. Mom would tell this story for years. The hairdresser said that’s their job. So true. But then she never lived down the amount of times she locked the keys in the car. Our last car beeped if the keys were still in the ignition or if you left your lights on it was great! It also beeped if you didn’t have your seatbelt on but that’s another story.
It’s a beautiful sunny warm day. One of those days where I wish I had someone to share it with. In March these days are a gift.
The word for today is minimal and it suits my Mom. She never wanted people to make a fuss over her. For her birthday I would buy her a baseball magazine…she called it her bible. Everyone thought it was Dad that was watching it but it was actually Mom. When she turned 70 a few years ago she had a party at a restaurant. It was really nice.
If your Mom is still with you give her a call and tell her you love her. Hug someone you love.


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