Yesterday a woman that used to attend my church wrote on her Facebook page for her business asking what our worse fashion advice was. It was an interesting question because I’ve never really been given advice on what to wear or not to wear.
Growing up I adhered to the rules. Don’t wear white after labour day, switching out my purse according to the seasons. I wore pantyhose all year because I was told it looks better. When I went to the Twinless Twins conference in Detroit I was so hot after the walk that I decided I’m the only one that cares if I have pantyhose on or not so I didn’t wear them. When we were growing up every woman wore a skirt to church even in the winter. Not anymore. I would wear a skirt in the summer because Dad would not allow shorts or capris. I grew up in a fairly conservative family.

Today she asked what your best advice was. My grandmother taught us to dress like ladies. I didn’t get it when we were younger because to be honest we dressed older than we were. Everyone else was dressed in Northern Reflection sweatshirts and Levi’s..not us. Now that I am older I understand it better. It’s about having respect for yourself. If I’m going to a nice restaurant I should dress appropriately.

I would watch talk shows where they would have the experts say to accentuate the parts of your body that you like. I have long legs. I love a cowl neckline. When my brother got married they were things that I had on the dress. It was shorter in the front and longer in the back and had a cowl neckline. I’ve also learned that sometimes things that I wouldn’t normally gravitate to look different after I try them on.

Because I buy clothes online I get emails regarding sales sent to me. They have beautiful dresses at one of the stores right now. Great if you have a wedding to go to but how often do we wear a dress anymore? Even going to the Twinless Twins conference there is a banquet the last night. Most women just wear dress pants and a nice blouse.

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