Elixir? It’s called coffee

Growing up coffee was a treat. I wasn’t allowed to have any until I was deeemd old enough by my grandparents. I was told it would “stunt my growth”. I didn’t believe that but I respected their wishes. When we had company we always put the tea kettle on and we would have tea with dessert for dinners. We didn’t even have a coffee maker until after my Dad died. We would go to Tim Hortons and they were plentiful in the city. My Dad was a social coffee drinker he preferred tea. Our entire family drinks it clear even aunts and uncles. Which makes it very easy!
After we had a coffee maker we rarely had tea. When the cord on the kettle wore out we didn’t bother getting a new one. When I moved I bought a Keurig because it’s easier for one person. I could have a fairly empty fridge but there would still be coffee in the cupboard! One week I had to ration the sweetener so I try to make sure I always have that on hand as well. A friend of mine drinks his black so he never has to worry about that.
I sometimes have a cup in the afternoon too. Mom would kiddingly call it “high tea time”. It’s the time I usually have a snack. My friend and I used to go for coffee on Saturday but now we seem to be going after she gets off work at about 3. When I go for groceries on my own I will have a cup when I get home. It’s interesting how there is such a routine to it.
I can remember going out for dinner and my grandparents begrudged paying that much for coffee or tea so they wouldn’t have one. Nowadays I think with the cost of the meal who cares. I like a leisurely dinner…coffee with my dessert.
I miss the neighbourhood coffee shop. I miss walking it and seeing someone we knew. The barista knowing the regulars order. Listening to the chatter around me. I notified the last time I went to Starbucks that there were a lot of people sitting alone with their laptops. I think that’s why I have gravitated to it, I blend in.
Pretty soon I will be able to enjoy my morning coffee on the balcony or an iced coffee in the afternoon. Ahh

3 thoughts on “Elixir? It’s called coffee

  1. Good morning. I am on my second cup of coffee, conducting my morning ritual – coffee and computer time. It is, as you say, a ritual. And one I have tried to break, but just couldn’t. I was silly. 🙂

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