Yesterday’s word was fortune. It was appropriate because the day before I went to Giant Tiger which is a discount store in the city. I wasn’t really looking for anything but ended up buying some t shirts for $10 each. Although I have money to spend I begrudge paying 25 dollars for a T shirt.
I also need a new spring coat so I have been looking online. Yesterday they had a sale 50% off and I found one that I liked. I threw in another small thing so I could get free shipping. The last coat I bought at Walmart and it was a very popular style because everywhere I looked I would see women wearing it. It came in blue or pink. The inky drawback was the material did not breathe.
My next big purchase will be patio furniture. Possibly an outdoor rug too. I was talking to my former neighbour about how when I sat on the deck it wasn’t relaxing because I would be thinking of all the things I “should” be doing. She said she is the same way. Someone told her can’t you just turn it off. I have to get good quality furniture that can be left outside.
It’s not about spending a fortune, it’s about having things that make me happy.


4 thoughts on “Frugal

  1. A senryu reply:
    the story of life
    happiness in different forms
    do what suits you best
    your life yours alone
    your inner happiness great
    shared with others great
    its your life live it
    do what you want what you must
    always be happy
    Best wishes,


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