Home sweet apartment

Today I have officially been in my apartment a year. A couple friends I told couldn’t believe a year had gone by already. I know the feeling.
I was thinking last night how it’s all the little things that I like about living in an apartment. It takes me no time at all to clean. Living in a 4 bedroom house I never seemed to get ahead. Last night I went out for dinner with a friend and by the time we got back it was dark. I remember going to my neighbours for dinner and I forgot to turn the porch light on. He loaned me a flashlight so I could see to get in. Living in an apartment I come home to a lit place. I leave the light on in the entry way usually.
I no longer have to lug a garbage pail out to the curb or remember what day garbage is since it’s on an eight day cycle. I don’t have to clean out the very stinky pail in the summertime. Or break off the ice off the recycling bin in the winter.
Last night we ended up at a coffee shop within walking distance of me. My friend teased me this is convenient. It was full of students on their laptops. It’s my go to place but I usually go in the morning when it isn’t as busy. There is a frozen yogurt place somewhere along the street which I will check out in the summertime. My friend and I are going to have tea at Eldon House. There is even a bakery that opened in there too which is great if I’m having company.
Growing up I could walk to public school and high school in 5 minutes. I could walk to the bank, grocery store, library in 15. There was a pizza shop on the corner. And a drug store a block away. It was a great neighbourhood to live even if I did have to put up with nosey neighbours.
This is a different neighbourhood. Summer festivals. Farmers market. Cute gift shops.
This is my home.

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