Remembering Mr.B

Yesterday I learned of the death of a former public school teacher of mine. I had him in grade 5 which was a split class and grade 6. When a fellow student posted the obit many people shared their memories underneath.
My parents really liked him and my Mom used to say he was the type of guy that was most comfortable in jeans and a flannel shirt. She also joked that he probably only had one suit and it was actually true because many years later when I went to a reunion at the school he was wearing the same suit. It was a tan suit, white shirt and matching tie.
What I remember most about him was his sense of humour. April Fools Day was a lot of fun in his class. One of the guys brought in greenish silly putty and went up to his desk and sneezed real loud. Mr.B just handed him a Kleenex as if nothing had happened. Even 30 years larger I vididly recall the skit that 3 students performed of “imitations” of the teachers at Camp Hermosa. This teacher was always telling one of the boys to stop talking to his neighbour but he had an expression for it and would raise his pointer finger. Of course you never know how a teacher is going to react at imitation but he laughed the loudest.
In grade 5 I had a terrible time with the I before E rule so one day I went up to his desk and asked how do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S.. Cheeky.
He was a caring teacher. If you didn’t understand something he would work with you until you did.
I have reconnected with many of my former classmates on Facebook. Reading our shared memories made me realize how Tecumseh was a pretty special place. It turned out some pretty amazing people.

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