Socializing and food

The idea for this post has been in my head for a bout a week. Last Wednesday I went out for coffee with a former neighbour. Because we were probably going to run errands afterwards I had a muffin with my coffee. I have changed my habits and if I go out with my friend I just have coffee.
I belong to a weight loss group on Facebook and recently a recurring theme has come up about going out to dinner and it’s usually buffet. It’s been years since I went to buffet and even when Mom and I went we filled up on salads and had a normal size plate for our main. They had buffet at the Twinless Twins conference and they would have made money on the amount that I ate because I’m just not used to eating that much food.
A couple people commented on the posts that they should pick the restaurant to go to but that isn’t always possible. A friend of mine is really supportive and told me once everyone should eat healthy not just the people who have to.
Ever notice how socializing always involves food? Christmas, Valentines Day and chocolate, birthdays, coffee, etc. Because of my dietary restrictions I avoid potlucks. And inevitably half the table is full of desserts and very little main. And anything green is none existent. I have a go to restaurant. It’s my go to because it’s a fairly healthy place to go. I can make substitutions.
A “treat” for me now is a new book, a pretty shirt. That will last longer than a piece of cake.


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