Being my own champion

Today I walked to shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some prescriptions. I had to do a medication review. Wow, that was a new one! There was a line on the checklist about stress reduction. Oh I used to laugh at that one. I knew stress wasn’t good for me but there wasn’t any way to avoid it. After I was done I checked my BP since I was there (normal).
Since I moved a year ago I can finally make myself a priority. Sometimes that means being selfish and saying NO to things that aren’t good for me. It took me a long time to get to this point. When my Mom died it was a huge loss not only because she was my Mom but I lost my last champion. I have days where I wish I could ask her advice about things going on in my life.
Today I stepped on the scale and have lost one pound. The reason this is significant is because I’m below the number that I set for myself by the time I go for next Diabetes appointment. The reason I titled this post being my own champion is because I’m the one doing the work. I’m the one doing a little happy dance in the bathroom when I see a good number. I’m trying to eat healthy. I’m not perfect but I eat way more vegetables than I used to which is a goal that dietician set for me.
We all have to be our own champions.


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