This is actually the word for the photo challenge this week but for me security isn’t just one thing.
1. The first thing that came to mind was keys. It’s how we keep our homes, cars, lockers secure. It’s how we protect things of value. When I first moved in to my apartment I had to get into the habit of locking the door when I got in or before I went to bed. After Mom died I had to lock the side door myself. That was always her job.
2. I guess passwords kind of goes along with this. I have a password for computer, a number for IPad, one for voice mail, one for my phone, and on and on.
3. Sometime there is a feeling of security with emails or a computer because there are days I don’t feel talkative but I can hide behind emojis. Call display…self explanatory
4. Money. I grew up with a father for whom money was security and he passed that down to me. I never took it for granted that the things they owned were paid for.
5. Family. I grew up with a family that loved me. I had the best grandparents. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that there were people that didn’t have that. And even though they aren’t physically with me I still carry the security of that love.
6. Friends. There are times when I forget this one but I need friends to rely on. People I can talk to, laugh with, people who have become my family.


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