Cost of food

The other day a friend of mine posted a link from someone else’s page of a picture of a group of food items on a table. A loaf of white bread, eggs, a bag of milk and a cheap brand of maple syrup. The total was a little over thirteen dollars. An hours wage.
My building is participating in the Easter food drive. There is a box in the lobby.
The other day I walked to the market. I bought a piece of steak for supper and some vegetables. I like lots of mushrooms with my steak. I was going to buy a head of romaine lettuce but it’s ridiculously expensive so I put it back. All of these things got me thinking how lucky I am to be able to eat healthy. I can go to the store and pick out anything I want throw it in the cart and pay. A couple of weeks ago cantaloupe was on sale for about two dollars where as a container that is cut can cost four. Eating healthy actually costs more. I’m still shocked how much groceries cost. But there is no nutritional value in the cheap stuff. It’s why they tell you to shop the perimeter of the store because that is the stuff that isn’t processsed.
Yesterday I took some recycling out to the bin. The bin for plastic was full of pop bottles and the cardboard and paper is full of pizza boxes. Growing up we rarely had pop in the house except for ginger ale if you were sick. Pizza was a treat. But it’s “student” food.
I’m thankful for a grandmother and mother who taught me to cook. Who taught me how to comparison shop. Valuable tools.

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