This morning I decided to walk to the flower shop near me and pick out some flowers for the table. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted but I usually decided when I get there. I walked in and am surrounded by all sorts of colours. They had tulips in a bucket of water so I picked 2 bunches. The one is red and yellow and the other is red and white. They remind me of my Dad’s garden. He mostly had red but he did have some yellow and a mixed one too.
It’s one thing I miss about being in an apartment is my Dad’s garden. I didn’t enjoy the work involved but I have so many memories associated with it. The smell of lily of the valley which was Janet’s favourite. The smell of lilacs. When my Dad had cancer and was at home I picked some and put it beside his bed.
I used to buy flowers in June but now I treat myself more often.


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