Yesterday when I was sitting around with my friends after dinner some of the topics reminded me of things growing up.
My Dad was the second youngest of 7 children and his oldest sister is 10 years older than him. She has a great love of art so we were given art books as gifts. My Dads family were all interested in politics so even before we were eligible to vote we were expected to have an opinion. My parents had a rule that we had to sit at the table to eat every night. It was our chance to talk over our day. They always got the local newspaper. I do remember that was part of a class (possibly history) were we had to bring in a newspaper article to class.
My mother had season tickets to the Grand Theatre. We would go with her sometimes when we were older. We didn’t always like all of them but we appreciated the craft.
Growing up both my parents considered Sunday school an extension of our schooling. My brother didn’t enjoy going but my Dad told him he had to go until he was old enough to choose whether to get confirmed which was 14 in our church. One thing I realize is that values are really taught at home. Faith is modelled. For me it’s really about showing love to one another.
When my Dad had cancer I googled information. I asked questions of the Drs. When Mom was in and out of the hospital there were appointments I had to go with her. I would ask questions. I remember one time the Dr was surprised I knew so much. When my Mom died there were things that I didn’t know how to do but I certainly got an education going along.
We also live in a society where people no longer get their information from a newspaper or the radio it’s online. We have more choices how to obtain information. We have to filter it out ourselves.
I consider myself lucky that I grew up in a family who taught me about the arts, culture, cooking, money management, faith, and values. A well rounded education.

2 thoughts on “Education

  1. Really well written post. Our family is the heart of our education,. We are so lucky with technology these days to have answers at the end of our fingertips… 😃🐻

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