When I first saw the word for today I wasn’t really sure where I was going to go with this. Then I was talking to a friend on Facebook this morning and included some emojis in my conversation and suddenly it hit me what to write about.
For most people income tax season is not a fun time and this is no exception for me. In an email I sent to a friend she told me boy I have never seen those two emojis used with such emphasis before. I used the red angry face and the poo emoji. The first time I’ve ever used that one!
One day I was watching a segment on tv on a self cleaning toilet and I had to send a text to my friend. She was laughing out loud in the mall.
I tease my friend that she is the emoji queen. When she got a new phone she was trying out everything. I will use the πŸ’€ for napping (who doesn’t enjoy a good nap). Sometimes I’ll just laugh at how many she can include in one conversation. The thumbs up is ok in a text but I would rather someone type that’s great instead.
On Sunday my friends and I were watching lip sync battle with jimmy fallon. My friend and I laughed but her husband was looking at us like I don’t understand how you find this amusing.
Sometimes you just have to find the humour in the situation.

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