A pleasant morning

This has not been a good week weather wise as it has rained for most of it. Thunderstorm on Thursday and threat of rain on Friday. It’s a beautiful sunny day out today although a bit chilly at 9am. I had to put my winter coat back on.
Since I had to pick up a few things at Shoppers Drug Mart I checked to see if it might also be 20x the points. Sweet it was. This is the second time I’ve taken advantage of it. When I went with Mom we never seemed to catch the right week or wouldn’t need anything at that time. Mom always stocked up on toilet paper.
Since I had to wait for prescription to be filled I walked to the market to get some fruit and of course a coffee at Red Roaster. My favourite is hazelnut. They even had a stand with the newspaper so I got to read that while I was drinking my coffee. In the home section there was an article on outdoor spaces. How outdoor furniture is going more upscale. That there almost isn’t any difference between outdoor and in. And it shouldn’t be matchy matchy. Well I only have space for 2 chairs so it’s going to match. I love people watching at the market. They were having a spin class to raise money for a charity so there were a whole bunch of women and a few men in yoga pants…ok I’m not sure what the men had on. Groups of 3 or 4 retired people. A little girl in a mint green dress, white tights who made a beeline to the store that sells kids clothes and toys. So many colours and smells in the market. Another couple of weeks until the outdoor market will be open.
When I walked home I stopped to notice all the trees that are almost in bloom. The sound of the geese nearby.


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