Yesterday I got a phone call that my income tax is finally ready to be picked up. I was reminiscing with my cousin and a friend about how Mom and Dad always argued while they were doing the taxes. Dad would complain how expensive she was because she had a lot of medical receipts. He would “help” but she would firmly tell him that she was quite capable of doing it. It seems silly to miss them arguing but it’s part of all the little things that I miss.
My friend always tells me how strong I am. I guess you could say I had good roll models. My grandparents were true partners and even in my parents generation that didn’t always happen. My grandmother could do anything. Although my Dad was boss in the major decisions they were joint. My parents taught me how to stick up for myself. The greatest compliment my Dad ever gave me was to say that I could fight my own battles. It meant I was strong enough to do it on my own.
Family was very important to my Dad.Growing up we were so “normal”. But now I realize that there is stability in that. My Dad taught me to take pride in something because his home was his castle. Some of the things might seem old fashioned but there is nothing wrong with old fashioned values.
With time the good memories become more in the forefront. I can smile through the tears.


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