Sewing and crochet (neither of which I can do!)

My Mom used to say that the sewing gene skipped a generation. My Mom could sew on a button but that’s about it. My grandmother sewed all our clothes until we were about 13. She hemmed pants and patched holes in my brother’s jeans. She attempted to teach us both to crochet but I didn’t take to it. Janet was a whiz at it. She made afghans as wedding gifts and a couple for baby gifts. Yarn is expensive and the wedding gift cost about 100 and that doesn’t include labour. She made one for a friend that had 360 granny squares and it took her months.
Sewing is a labour of love. I have grandmas quilts in my linen closet. I kept my grade 8 grad dress. When my grandfather died we had to clean out their apartment. There was a closet full of patterns. Sadly they all went in the garbage. Some were 20 years old…don’t think those are coming back in style!
My grandfather caned chairs so he made us Barbie furniture. I kept them because they were beautiful. I have since passed them down to my niece. Every time we went to visit them one of them was usually working on a project. A friend of Moms wondered why they had a three bedroom apartment. Yes it’s a lot of room but when you both have hobbies you need room for it. I have a picture of my grandmother quilting. I also have one of my grandpa holding up one of his chairs. Brings back memories.


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