Things we can’t control…
1. Weather. Tomorrow is the only day this week were it is not going to rain. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know it’s May.
2. Traffic. Inevitably when I am running late I get stopped by a train. Mom always said when she had plenty of time she would hit all the green lights.
3. Cost. This is kind of a 50/50 thing because we can control what we buy but not the price of necessities.
4. Time. Sometimes time just seems to move slowly waiting for something to happen. But then I couldn’t control how much time I had with my twin or my parents. But I cherished the time I had.
5. Other people. Sometimes it’s just best to walk away
6. Tears. This could be in both because sometimes they just come without warning.

Things I can control
1. The remote. I live alone so I can chose what I get to watch.
2. Money. Growing up in a family where the man was boss this is a big deal to be able to have a say in who looks after it and how I spend it.
3. Clutter. Im better at putting things back where they belong
4. The support system I have around me

When my twin died my world went spinning out of control. There is not much you can control with cancer. Grief is something I learned to live with but it’s certainly not something I could control. I remember feeling like I was treading water a lot of the time and yet I made it through.

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