None of the above

Many years ago the 4 of us were at my Dads sister and brother in laws for dinner. Of course we ended up talking about politics because there was an upcoming federal election. So my Uncle asked Janet if the election was held tomorrow who would she vote for. None of the above. He thought she was just being flippant so he asked her to explain her reasoning and she did. She just didn’t like any of the leaders of the parties.
Obviously none of the above is not an option for voting although there are often times it should be! The year my sister died there was a municipal election. Janet had already declared that she was going to vote for Ivan. He’s a “kook” to put it bluntly. He ran every year but never got more than a few hundred votes. My Mom was appalled so when she died I voted for him in her stead. It wasn’t like one vote was going to make a difference because the woman running was pretty well a shoo in to win. A twin friend of mine said it’s your vote so you can do whatever you want.
Our next election is next summer…provincial. This will be the first time I’m voting by myself. Plus I’ve always voted at the same place so now I have a new polling station.
I do admit that my opinions have changed since the last time I voted. Health care becomes a lot more important when you see where the holes are. There is no easy answer to fixing the problem either. Municipally they are STILL discussing rapid transit system.
I’ve always believed that it’s about having good people in the job. People that understand that they are there to represent you. Unfortunately it isn’t the case for everyone.

4 thoughts on “None of the above

  1. I agree with you that it’s about having good people in the job. I’d add that it’s also about being an educated and active constituent to help those good people do a more effective job of representation. 😉 xoM

  2. My only concern about receiving what we vote for is that if the party you expect will do the most, is not in power provincially, municipally you can kiss your rep goodbye as they won’t ever receive the funding asked for. It’s a problem!

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