What would Mom tell me?

As Mothers Day is coming up I’ve been thinking about my Mom a lot. Right now I wish she was here to give me advice. Although my Mom was the type of person that would listen while I talked but knew for the most part that I would and should figure it out on my own. I miss being able to talk to her.
When we went to bereavement group we were told to be selfish. At first I was shocked because it just wasn’t in my nature but we had to look after our own needs first. Learning how to say NO.
I became friends with a woman around my age in the group but after a while we grew apart. My Mom knew we would but allowed me to learn it on my own. I believe that people come into our lives when we need them. Last night I thought about a friend that I go for coffee with. The reason that we can go for coffee once a month is because neither of us have kids. We don’t have the same responsibilities that other people do.
Right now I am distancing myself from drama in my life or more accurately not allowing it in. This is something I learned at bereavement group too is that I need to replenish myself before I can give to someone else. Stress really took a toll on me last year.
My friend often says that he can hear his Mom in his ear. That’s the thing about parents who teach us values is that we carry them with us always.

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