Facebook is awash with pictures of Moms for Mothers Day tomorrow. Some of my friends have three generations in the photo. There is comfort in many friends that are missing their Mom too.
This morning I walked to the market, my Saturday morning ritual. It’s May so there isn’t that much available but it’s a nice walk and I like to see what products they have. One vendor had tulips…red and yellow so of course I picked up a bunch. There was a woman beside me who was debating what colours to get and I told her my Dad had a big garden so living in an apartment this is my way of getting flowers. I passed a table with butter tarts. Mom and I both love butter tarts but I walked past. If we went to festivals in the city my Dad would always give me money for caramel corn and we would share.
I picked up a day tripper newspaper at the market. It was something Mom liked to look through. They have funny stories, gift shops in small towns. My grandfather used to get his caning supplies in St.Marys so he would take us for an outing. It’s about a 45 minute drive.
This morning the toilet in my ensuite was running. Despite the fact that I have mentioned here how I am not handy I do know that it has to do with the flapper. So I tried to adjust it. This was something that both my parents taught me to do. Ends up it was bent so my super replaced it.
There are so many reminders. Death isn’t “final” although it feels that way. Love lives on in our hearts.


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