A team

Being born a twin meant we were a team from day one. My Mom would tell us stories if taking us to the grocery store and one would go one way and one would go the other.
Janet and I were a team when we were cooking. I was the sous chef and she would mix. I have mentioned many times that I was the one that cleaned up. When we made lasagna Mom would mix up the cottage cheese filling and grate the cheese, I would make the sauce and assemble. Janet would make the salad.
We would help Dad in the yard. One of us would pick up the sticks and the other would take the leaves. I didn’t mind raking leaves but carrying them to the compost by myself was hard because it’s really a 2 person job.
When Dad had cancer Mom and I were a team looking after him.
Mothers Day hit me harder this year. I know that I was blessed to have the mother that I did. It doesn’t mean I miss her any less.
Some days it’s hard doing the things I did with them by myself. And other days I’m proud of doing things on my own.

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