Because every home needs a scotch room

Last night I was watching Home to Win on HGTV…it’s a Canadian based show. They find a home that needs a little bit of renovating and a group of designers and builders transform it into a “dream home”. They had 2 groups of 2…one designer and one builder on each team. One group was working on the kitchen and they were discussing what to do with this tiny room off the kitchen which was currently being used as a sitting room. They thought they could use it as a pantry. Wow, great idea. Well the other team decided they wanted it too. The designer has very bright red hair with pink highlights…need I say more. She decides she wants the room. She talks it over with the head designer and they make it into a “scotch room”. You know back in the day when the men retired to the drawing room with their port. I just sat there and laughed. Do people really do that nowadays?
In these homes they don’t build separate dining rooms people eat in the kitchen. I grew up in a house with no room for a table in the kitchen. My Dads oldest brother ate in the kitchen and had a formal dining room. Open concept is great but who wants to see all the dirty dishes?
I also watch Masters of Flip. I’m not always a big fan of the colours that she chooses but it’s fun to watch.
I think I’m half and half. My quilt is abstract. I have a red couch. My patio chairs are pretty and practical.
Because at the end of the day your home should look lived in.


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