Remembering good people

Today is an anniversary for my cousins. It seems fitting that I met my cousin today for coffee. We always get laughing when we are sharing stories. He reminds me of his Dad. Although it’s so unfair that he does not have the grey hair gene. The last time I saw his Dad was when he was in the city for work and came to see my parents. Unfortunately I was going to a friend’s for dinner but as I left I could hear them laughing because they were comparing how much white hair they had. Even at 70 my Dad had a black spot at the back. My cousin had a smile that would light up the room. Whenever I think about my family in heaven (and that includes extended) I think of them laughing together.

The picture I have included is of my Dad and his siblings. He had another sister too but she died before my parents were married. She was the spitting image of her mother. My Dad had a few pictures in his family album. They had a formal wedding picture and it’s stunning.

Sunday is my Uncle Ed’s birthday. He is in the middle of the picture. He and Dad were very close because they were a year apart in age. He would phone Dad for Christmas. If we answered the phone he would always ask was Santa good to you even when we were old enough to not believe in Santa. He phoned Dad for his birthday and the year after he died he picked up the phone to do it and then realized he couldn’t. He sat with Dad when he had cancer. He was the only one of Dads siblings that showed his emotions. The year he died we went to drop off a Christmas card. We were literally going to drop it in thr mailbox but he was outside and wouldn’t let us get away with that. A week later he died suddenly. Mom and I got comfort out of the fact that there was a reason he was outside that day.

My Uncle was a bit of a goofball. He was a wonderful father and grandfather. He was like Dad a very loyal brother.
They were and ARE very much loved.


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