Yesterday I happened to catch a segment on a local talk show where the ladies were talking about cancelling plans. Is it alright to do so. All but one has children and they all said sometimes they have to if their life gets busy. They said that you shouldn’t go to something out of obligation if you don’t think you are going to enjoy yourself. It got me thinking about how I used to do that. At one time I had 4 people that I rotate having coffee with. 2 of them would come in like whirlwinds and I would come home exhausted because it was such an effort to keep up with all of the stuff that they were doing. At the time I had enough chaos in my own life going out for coffee was supposed to be a break.
I was talking to a friend recently who asked about my day and I said it was quiet. I almost feel guilty for saying that. “Almost” because I think I have earned the right to have peace and quiet. I don’t have the running list in my head anymore. My Mom was not the type of person to turn the radio on in the car. At home she was happy with a good book. She used to say we didn’t need a whole lot of toys like the other kids we were just happy playing by ourselves.
Even my building is fairly quiet. Oh sure I can hear people “descending” in the elevator or even the stairs but it’s like any place you become accustomed to the noises of the building.


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