1. My family. My grandparents. They were there to turn to for advice. They taught me the importance of looking after each other. My parents. My sister. I know I took this for granted. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized not everyone had this.
2. A home. You know that feeling when you come home from vacation to sleep in your own bed? It should be a refuge. Looking after my parents home wasn’t an anchor because I needed an escape. In my apartment there is a place for everything and life is calmer when there isn’t clutter.
3. Friends. They have come to my aid many times when I have needed them. And different people at different times. Some not physically here but their emails to check in helped too. They allowed me to feel what I needed to feel. They were the people who told me it would be ok.
There is something really special about watching my friends with their partners. They are each other’s anchors.
4. Photos. They are something to hold onto. I can look at a photo and the memory is so clear. I also have to include the drawings my friend includes in my birthday or Christmas card.
They are reminders that I am anchored by LOVE

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