Sounds of spring


Last night I had my patio door open because I roasted a chicken for supper and well it was “roasting” in my apartment. I could hear the birds chirping. A little while later I could hear a skateboarder going by. Yesterday was Victoria Day so I could hear fireworks too although they weren’t close.
It’s interesting how I can sit outside now and it’s fairly quiet and at my house I often had to come inside because someone was playing their music really loud. We could often hear people arguing. The sounds of summer…they would be using a leaf blower or someone would be cutting their grass. I get the convenience of a leaf blower but they are so noisy!
When I walk to the Farmers Market I take the route that goes by the park. I can see the fountain in the distance. It’s a little longer but it’s more open. A friend asked if I had the same route when I went for a walk and I do. In my former neighbourhood Janet and I would sometimes walk along the path beside the river.
Last year at this time I probably had the a/c on. There is nothing like the whoosh of cold air coming out of the vent. Right now we are enjoying a pleasant spring. Some years we seem to go straight to summer.
I can’t believe in another month it will be summer. I have been looking forward to it but the time seems to have flown by. The sizzle of ribs, the sound of kids playing in splash pad. The smell of fresh fruit.


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