A moment in time

This is actually the photo challenge for this week but how do I possibly choose just one?
That’s what photos do…they capture a moment in time.
There is a whole album of photos of family checking out the new babies. My Moms brother went through a whole roll of film…we were sleeping in all but one.
I have pictures in an album from a picnic and Janet was in a mood. I have heard the story so many times it’s like it is my memory despite the fact I was too young to remember.
Playing in the snow, my first teddy, all of us piled up in Janet’s bed reading. Graduations, weddings.
I thought of the first time I saw my niece. Those pictures are precious. One of my favourites is back at the house after Moms 70th birthday. Although it also made me think of her baptism. The photo would be titled “little miss cranky pants” because she picked up on all the frenzy of the weekend and cried a lot. But that’s life. We were trying to get this perfect family photo and it has a screaming baby. It’s part of the memory.
I remember going on vacation before digital cameras and praying that all the photos would turn out. There was usually 5 or 6 out of a roll of 24 that didn’t. I made a photo book for my friend for Christmas and each photo had a memory associated. I can’t look at the photos from Gastown without thinking of the story that goes along with it. It’s not just photos it was a dream fulfilled.
After someone dies photos take on a different meaning. The photo of the balloon release is bittersweet. Her last church photo. We had a family portrait done the December before my Dad died. The men didn’t want to do it but somehow I knew that this may be my only chance. It’s displayed prominently in my front hall just like at the house.
Obviously I wish there were more moments. I know many people who would say the same. But all those photos are a gift because they come alive in them.


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