Filling my day with treats

Yesterday I was going to make tacos for lunch. I had all the ingredients except for the soft tortillas. This morning I decided to go to the mall as I wanted to go to the library too. Healthy items purchased then I window shopped as I walked down to the library which was at the other end of the mall.
I wandered into Bentley luggage because I’m on the look out for a smaller purse. One that is crossbody, big enough for cellphone and keys. I kind of like the wrist wallet ones but they are just wallets. She was showing me different styles and of course all of a sudden I find a red one. Ever since I got the red couch it seems like red is everywhere. I was going to buy blue and red patio cushions but my friend said no these are you. Maybe it’s Janet’s way of being with me as I shop. I shop a lot online so I don’t have to shop alone.

I was looking for cookbooks for one or low carb but I was so confused about all the different ones. And they were all celebrity cookbooks. Paleo, gluten free, vegan. Then they had exercise videos beside and self help books. I think I’ll go online and place a hold since I need to update my library card pretty soon anyway. The last couple of years I have been so busy that I’ve forgotten to do it the month of my birthday. My Mom went to the library often. My Uncle goes once a week. It was different when it was a routine. I don’t have a neighbourhood one since I’ve moved.

As I was walking back I saw a foot spa in the window of the home health store…it’s an off shoot of Shoppers Drug Mart. I have been looking for one online but I didn’t know what brand to buy. I figured if it’s in a health store it must be ok. AND I could use my Shoppers points…win win.

I titled this post filling my day with treats. Today it will be warm enough to sit outside and read. I may have a foot soak tonight. They aren’t huge things but they are treats for me.


2 thoughts on “Filling my day with treats

  1. Wonderful write-up. Loving the way that you have poured your heart, mind and soul into a piece of writing. Hope that you write more interesting posts. Great theme that you have chosen, it really suits the style of your writing. Have hope, write on!

  2. Such a sad thing to read; my journey as a twin less twin. As a mum of twins my heart breaks for you 😢😢😢😢🦉

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