Last night I had an early dinner with a friend and her husband. We went to Swiss Chalet across from Masonville mall so they could continue home (as they live out of town) and I was going to look in the stores. I haven’t been up that way since I went with Mom. It was certainly a different feeling going on my own. I guess it’s another first.

I went into Addition Elle which is a plus size clothing store. I was looking for new pants since I’ve lost weight…jeans specifically. I couldn’t find a single pair that I liked. And even looking online when I got home a lot of them were embroidered or ripped. No thank you! It’s frustrating because I wanted to be able to try pants on since I’m not really sure what size I am. And don’t get me started on the inconsistent sizing. Some tshirts are made so big that even a 1x is big on me.

Since I was there I decided to buy some underwear. I picked up a couple of pairs and when I went up to pay the woman said they are on sale 5 for something so I went back to pick out some more. I ended up picking out one that was polka dot. It made me smile because I always had white. My Mom made fun once when I was folding my clothes one day that I had coloured underwear.

Afterwards I went into Pier One. I was just browsing because anything I bought I had to carry home. Their plates were gorgeous such a range of colours. Really cool glasses too. I went over to look at the lanterns. I’m not sure I have room. If I could find a small yellow one it’s a possibility. As I was wandering around I did find a serving tray. Round white with bright rainbow stripes in the centre. It sort of matches my cushions. AND it was on sale. The sales lady said I love this!

When I got home I got to thinking how my life is filled with colour now. I’m the girl with the red couch…a bold colour. I have red plaid patio cushions. I bought rose coloured capris. I always bought black or navy because they go with everything. It’s conservative. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe it’s realizing that life is short. I think part of it is I can see colour again and anyone who has dealt with grief knows what I mean by that.

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