Farmers Market


It’s a busy day in the city. Today is Gathering on the Green which is held on a green space behind what used to be a school but was purchased by the YMCA. A couple of my friends are going to it. It’s great for kids. My Dad used to take extra plants over for the garden club he belonged to. One time we walked it over. We would go into the library and then go on for a coffee. I couldn’t do that today because the library is closed for renovations. It doesn’t seem like that long ago since they did some. It isn’t that big so there is only so much they can do!
They are having a movie night at the baseball park near me.

My Saturday routine is going to the farmers market. Now that it’s getting closer to summer there is a lot more variety. This is some of my haul. I also bought a granola/energy bar. That table was very tempting with cinnamon buns, scones, date squares (and I LOVE date squares) and muffins. I bought 2 bags of spinach. He said I could mix and match but I don’t even know what any of those lettuces are except for arugula. I couldn’t decide between a tart or quiche they both looked good. I was thankful I brought a reusable bag with me because by the time I was done it was full. It’s a great place to try new things and it’s single serving. I even ate my lunch on my balcony today.
Good food, beautiful weather. I can’t “imagine” anything better.


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