My Dad was a letter carrier so he had a uniform. When the pants wore out he would wear them for gardening. I donated a couple of his coats that were in a closet in the basement. They are really good quality and warm. My Dad didn’t wear jeans but in later years he wore them for gardening because he couldn’t find the right weight of everyday pants. Marks was his go to place. My Dad was five foot nine which was short for a man so his pants had to be hemmed up a lot!

Clothes are really our uniform. Around home I’m a jeans and t shirt person. I have my go to shirts for social occasions. When I go to see my kidney Dr because it’s in the hospital I wear my favourite shirt. It’s something that makes me feel good and I need that boost. Absolutely anything goes though. I was taught to dress respectfully so that’s what I do.

Right now the big trend is yoga pants. Some talk shows have called it the Mom uniform. I’m all for comfort around home but personally I wouldn’t wear it out of the house. Ok…grocery shopping. I think there is a way to be comfortable while still looking put together. It’s probably the way I was brought up but it’s just not a look that I like. Ahh my family is in heaven smiling…see we taught her that…something sinked in. That would be Mom saying that. Occasionally I would wear a skirt to church in the summertime. One greeter exclaimed over my attire and I said I’m a girl and felt like looking like one today. Sometimes I attend functions and have to guess at what is appropriate attire. I always think it’s never wrong to be overdressed.

I think we all have go to clothes in our closet for certain occasions. Clothes are our uniform.


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